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Brisbane Blast

Mantra South Bank is located on the southern bank of the Brisbane River and is right in the middle of the Brisbane Blast event and everything else you come to Brisbane for.

There's the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre opposite Mantra South Bank, the Queensland Performing Arts Complex, State Art Gallery and Museum as well as South Bank Parklands all within walking distance. You've got your public transport - buses, trains and the famous Brisbane River City-Cats - as well as a selection of cosmopolitan dining, alfresco cafés and premium local attractions.

Mantra South Bank offers a variety of Hotel Rooms, Studios, and self-contained One and Two Bedroom Apartments. Then there's the heated lap pool and fully equipped gym, not to mention the celebrated Stone Restaurant and Bar with a menu Brisbane raves about right next to the lobby!

Mantra South Bank, Brisbane is happy to be a presenting partner of the Brisbane Blast and would like to extend a warm invitation to all Brisbane Blast participants to relax before and after the event at Mantra South Bank with 10% off the best available rates in all room types available.



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City Subaru

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Brisbane City Council Cycling Queensland


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Movember Foundation

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