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Brisbane Blast

Fixed Gear Racing Is Here!


The Brisbane Blast is excited to offer a new activity as part of the criterium program that appeals to a segment of the cycling network.  Fixed Gear racing overseas is growing rapidly whilst here in Australia there are no such events.

We have been approached by some highly organised and motivated enthusiasts, and yes it is late in the planning cycle but I believe worth our energy to try and start a ‘fixed gear cycle’ exhibition.

There is much debate in some circles that we should wait but this is a one off opportunity to showcase the passion and style from the riders in a major CBD location.

The enthusiasts together with ourselves have worked hard to arrange insurances, discuss with Cycling Queensland and Commissaires the risks, issues and operations. We appreciate the rigorous input from stakeholders and I hope many of you will join us in the exhibition.

Cheers Mike.

**pending confirmation from insurers*

Arrangements for Exhibition of Fixed Gear Riding

  • Exhibition will be the last activity on the Sunday program, in front of an expected large crowd;
  • Riders (male and female) competing earlier in the day’s program are welcome to also enter this exhibition, come dressed in your team, shop or otherwise colours;
  • Safety is the major focus and we have decided on a number of initiatives aimed at protecting all participants as shown below;
  • We have sourced some private sponsorship to help underwrite the insurance cost which is significant;
  • We have elected to ask for $55 registrations now, but need a minimum of 30 starters; payments will be fully refunded within 48 hours of Sunday if the event is cancelled.

Exhibition Regulations

  1. The event is a criterium format exhibition and high risk taking behaviours by riders (excessive skidding, endangerment) will not be tolerated and they will be withdrawn.
  2. A mandatory briefing will occur in the marshalling area including neutralisation protocols prior to rollout.
  3. A lead safety vehicle and escort scooter will supervise the activity on course, along with other Blast officials located on corners and throughout the site.
  4. Riders will be grouped by skill levels starting in approximately 5 second intervals (based on fixed wheel & other racing experience).
  5. Riders are to maintain a LEFT position on the course at all times to allow the faster riders to overtake without risk of collision. (we want slower riders to participate without fear of accident).
  6. Riders must call when approaching other riders to overtake/pass.
  7. Cornering will require every rider to slowdown and approach with extreme caution and follow an entry & exit line. (Absolutely no passing on corners.)
  8. Exhibition sprints display on Lap 5 and last Lap.
  9. Exhibition sprint displays are on the main straight only and will be exhibited with a bell.
  10. Personal times to be supplied to riders after event. No presentations for placing or timing are to be completed.

Preparations and Equipment

  • UCI Track legal bike – bikes will be inspected prior to entering the event
  • Bike must use clipless pedals, without straps
  • Cleats must be in good condition and free of wear – riders with worn cleats will not be permitted on the course or entitled to a refund – inspection will occur.
  • Bicycle computers to be in jersey pocket, no computers to be mounted on the bike in any form.
  • Suggested gearing of 85 inches.


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